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About Tarek Anwar

  • In 2009 graduated from College of Islamic studies (Asool Deen)  Hadith  sciences - Al-Azhar University.
  •  2010- Received an (Ijaazah) of Holy Quran and Tajweed from Al-Azhar Institute 
  • 2011-Diploma in Islamic Studies from the High Institute of Islamic Studies- Cairo, Egypt.
  •  2012 Certified in teaching Qa’idah Alnooraniyah and Tajweed Rules for non-Arabic speakers from Al-Furqan Center in Saudi Arabia. 
  •  Received an (Ijaazah) to read and learn Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim in Hadith
  •   Acquired his Ijaazah with the narration of the following Qira'at: 
  1.  Imam Asem (Rewayat Hafs and Shouba).
  2.  Imam Ibn Kathier (Rewayat Al-Bazzy and Konbul).
  3. Imam Nafiee (Rewayat Kaloon and Warsh).
  4.  Imam Al-Doury
  •  Diploma of Educational Qualification - Faculty of Education Ain Shams University.
• Experience:
  • Worked as trainer of Qaida Alnooraniah for non-Arabic speakers (Quran and Tajweed) at Al-Furqan center in Al-Dokki – Cairo. The center is Affiliated to Al-Furqan center in Saudi Arabia
  • Teacher of Quran and Tajweed in  Quran schools in 6th October City
  •  At the same time he has worked as Imam at the Masdjid .
  •  He has taught online since 2014.

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