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About Quran River


We are a pioneer international institute for teaching Quran, Arabic and islamic Sciences to rise up the students and make them internationally competitive and specialized.


We are a special institute with an international level that creates methods to teach Quran, Arabic and islamic Sciences to foreigners or native speakers to help Muslims all over the world and rise their level up to reach the perfection level. This will happen through a loveable and cooperative staff that uses the newest methodology and technology to reach the highest goals in order to supply our students with our great Islamic values.

Values and principles:

1- Honesty and truth.

2- Perfection and discipline.

3- Role model in word and action.

4- Cooperation.

5- Love, respect and appreciation.

6- Objective evaluation.

7- Specialization.



1- We have an electronic system that is easy, flexible and fast so you can register , choose the teacher and choose the appropriate dates for you electronically without reference to the management, and you will be able to change the teacher if you want to do electronically when you renew the package.

2- You will not lose anything of your lessons as you can apologize for the lessons and rescheduled at other times if you want , the system of the renewal of the payment is not linked to the beginning of the month or its end, but linked to the completion of the package you bought.

3- You will have an account on our electronic system that you see everything that concerns you, such as the dates of the lessons that you have chosen, your plan, your goals, the teacher's reports on every session, and what is required of you as homework.

4- We have specialized male & female teachers. We have teachers of the Holy Quran, Arabic language and Islamic sciences that graduated from Al-Azhar University. These teachers are able to speak both Arabic and English fluently. 

5- You can study at a time that suits you wherever you are.